Christmas Wreath on blue door
The Christmas wreath originates from a long tradition.  Originating in ancient Greece and Rome, handcrafted decorative rings were made from fresh leaves, branches, flowers and fruits and were used as symbols of victory.  Still today the giving of a laurel wreath is a symbol of accomplishment in some sports which originates from the Olympic games in ancient Greece.

The circular shape and the materials used to make a wreath represent eternal life and is also a representation of faith as Christians in Europe often place a candle on a wreath during Advent to symbolise the light of Jesus in the world.

Christmas WreathChristmas Wreath Evergreen and Fruit









Today most people just see them as an attractive decorative addition to the front door at Christmas.
How lovely it is to walk up to a home and be greeted by a beautiful door wreath.

Christmas Wreath Natural                     ‘’Come in. You are welcome. It’s Christmas inside.”

Christmas Wreath on Back door

Wreaths start at £20 in their natural evergreen state and range up to about £95 depending on what you add to the base wreath and the size.  They can be worked in traditional Christmas colours and include the usual greenery, holly, ivy and mistletoe or designed to complement the colours of your home. Traditional or quirky, whatever you choose it will be designed for you, intertwined with some sparkle and handmade with love.

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