Sasha Hills in her Shop

Creating in my shop

Often it is a major event in our life that can change the course of our life. For me, it started it an egg.

The egg wasn’t the major event but part of it and it had a major impact.  I had lost my Dad and after the funeral, I didn’t want to see the beautiful flowers die so I made ‘flower teapots’ for the key people connected with my father.

The teapots were so admired that people started saying ‘You should do this, you should be a florist’.  Well, I’ve never been one to resist a challenge and so I thought ‘why not?’ and Flowers by Sasha was born.

My Dad was what you might call a ‘quirky’ character and certainly had a unique sense of humour.  One of my clearest memories is of him coming to Christmas dinner carrying a pineapple as a gift, and for my 40th Birthday he gave me a muffin tin – no muffins, just the tin.  He had a great sense of fun.

When I went to choose his funeral flowers I saw the egg and asked to have it in the centre of the flowers. I knew that my Dad would see the humour in that.

The egg stays with me in the shop all the time.  It reminds me not to take things too seriously and my Dad’s memory and sense of humour keeps me going on those busy days when I need a little lift.