Have you noticed we are suddenly surrounded by colour?  The daffodils are in bloom, the tulips are waving their heads in the breeze, from whites and yellows, through reds, pinks and purples.  The growing warmth is urging on the Spring flowers which are full of colour and life and the return of days full of more light and sunshine.

Mothering Sunday is very soon and I’m always struck by Dad’s buying a bouquet for their children to give on Mothering Sunday and maybe dividing the cost between the children.  It doesn’t feel personal to me, and the personal touch is what my work is all about.

pink flowers in cup in pink paper

In my shop, I like to offer something which children can choose themselves and pay for with their pocket money. Imagine the joy a Mum feels when she receives a simple bunch of daffodils, pinks in a pot or tulips chosen by their child.  It may be simple but, I believe, it will mean much more.  That’s why I offer simple, child-sized bunches for around £10.

Call now to order.  Simple can also be beautiful.