Man holding large flower bouquet

A huge rose bouquet for a special occasion

I took a call – ‘Hi is that Sasha? – I need a bouquet.  I’ve been everywhere and I found you and I know you can do it.’

“Ok …” I said cautiously, “what is it you need?”

“Have you got roses in your shop?”


“Ok I’d like all the roses you have.”

“All of them?”


“Well of course, but that would be 62 roses.”

“Yes, that’s perfect, I’m on my way.”

This lovely gentleman left with a beautiful bouquet for his wife on their ninth wedding anniversary.  He was determined to get a stunning gift for his wife to convey his love for her but couldn’t find anyone to do what he wanted until he found me..  As you can see, the final bouquet was pretty big and I smiled as he walked proudly down the High Street with a huge, beautiful flower bouquet for his wife on their special day.

I take pride in having fresh flowers of many different varieties in my shop and love being able to respond quickly to a specific request.  This customer really expresses what Flowers by Sasha is all about.

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