The weather has been very changeable lately, boiling hot one minute and then torrential rain another. Come rain or shine this lady always has her umbrella with her. With her birthday on the horizon, her lovely friend surprised her with this beauty.

Lady with umbrella decorated with fresh flowers

Happy Birthday Surprise

The girls, I say girls affectionately, they are elder ladies who are often passing by my shop, were out in the Town as usual. Invited to pop into the shop and have a look around, I greeted the lady with ‘Can you hold this for a moment?’ – and then we surprised her by singing Happy Birthday. She was in tears – of joy – at the surprise by her friend.

Umbrella decorated with fresh flowers

Umbrella decorated with fresh flowers and pearls

The umbrella was the friend’s purchase and I decorated it with lots of tiny bundles of flowers in sunshine colours which could then be removed and put together as a bouquet in a vase. The pearls added a bit of luxury.

This lady loves umbrellas. I think she might use an elegant umbrella instead of a walking stick – umm decorating walking sticks, there’s an idea!