Journal and set of keys

The adventure begins

A year ago today, on 14th September 2020, I got the keys for the shop.  Wow – deep breath – what a day that was.  I was finally able to get going on the dream I had planned.  I had an incredible amount to do before I could open but it was an amazing feeling.  I may just make myself a little bouquet to celebrate the anniversary, along with a glass or two of course.

Flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate anniversaries and I have been inundated with requests over the last few months. Most people think of yearly anniversaries for significant events in their lives but I have one customer who comes in every month to order a beautiful bouquet for his wife to celebrate their first date on the 4th of the month – yes every month!

Whatever the anniversary – meeting the love of your life, first date, wedding, starting a business – whatever anniversary you can imagine, I can imagine a fitting floral arrangement for it.  Mixed florals to single colours, tied bouquets to vase arrangements, fresh to dried, blooms to grasses – the possibilities are endless.

All I need from you is some details about the event and your budget – you can leave the rest to me.  Contact me to have a chat.